Articling Opportunities

Build a career with us.

We strive to provide our articling clerks with a well-rounded articling experience, exposing them to as many different practice areas as possible during the course of their year. 

We believe, at the end of the articling year, clerks should be fully prepared for the challenges associated with the practice of law, and we encourage students to explore their particular areas of interest. 

Working with Your Principal 

The firm acts as the principal and each clerk is assigned a supervising lawyer who will work with a student to gain a well-rounded articling experience while satisfying the necessary requirements. They will also assist with any difficulties a student may experience during their articling year. 

Evaluations and Constructive Feedback 

Informal evaluations take place on a regular basis during the articling year. A formal evaluation of clerks is conducted twice during the year, after approximately six months and then at the conclusion of articles, as part of the requirements of the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society. 

Articling clerks are encouraged to seek out and accept work from any lawyer in any area of law of interest to them. Consequently, the articling clerk must take some responsibility for monitoring their own work load to ensure it is not excessive, and their articling objectives are being met.  

We’re Hiring! 

We hire two articling clerk positions each year. Interviews for these positions take place at law schools in January, or at our office in Truro. Clerks will article primarily in our Truro office, but flexible arrangements can sometimes be made. 

Salary and Full Benefits 

We pay our articling clerks a competitive salary, and offer a very comprehensive benefits package to all employees, including: Medical Health Benefits, Dental Care, Vision Care, Long Term Disability, Life Insurance, Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance. 

Articling clerks are entitled to two weeks of vacation during their year. We also pay the articling clerk while they are attending the Nova Scotia Bar Admission Course in Halifax, as well as covering the cost of the course. 

Second Year Summer Position 

A law student who accepts an articling position with the firm may have the option to work at the firm for up to twelve weeks the summer before their articling year. We offer a competitive salary for summer employment . 

Achieving Balance and Taking Initiative 

We strongly believe a balance must be struck between the practice of law and life outside the firm. We encourage our clerks and lawyers to be active in the community. We give our articling clerks an unusually high degree of individual responsibility, in the expectation that their practice skills will develop more rapidly. 

We welcome your inquiries about articling with us. For more information, please contact: 

Daniel Roper
Phone: (902) 895-1561

Adam Harris
Phone: (902) 895-156