Civil Litigation

Burchell MacDougall LLP’s litigators are committed to acting as legal advocates for our clients and working towards finding practical and effective solutions to their legal problems.

We have vast experience with many litigious circumstances and understand litigation can become an emotionally exhausting and costly process. Whether we’re serving a large company or an individual, and whether the matter is simple or complex, our litigation group strives to find practical solutions and provide services that are professional, courteous and responsive.

Our lawyers have conducted numerous Supreme Court trials, appeals, and chambers applications. In addition to representing our clients before the courts, we also represent clients before all manners of administrative tribunals, agencies and commissions at both the Provincial and Federal level.

This experience and expertise enables us to determine the best approach to resolve our client’s cases and effectively execute that approach.

We care about our clients and take great pride in our work. Burchell MacDougall LLP makes advancing your goals and resolving your case our top priority. In every case we are entrusted to pursue or defend, we work hard to get our clients results in the most cost-effective manner possible.

We offer full litigation services in virtually any area of law including:

  • Contract disputes;

  • Collections;

  • Disability insurance claims;

  • Employment and wrongful dismissal;

  • Estates and wills;

  • Injunctions;

  • Insurance disputes;

  • Lien disputes;

  • Personal injury;

  • Property line, easement and other real property disputes; and

  • Shareholder and partnership disputes.