Employment & Labour

Employer and employee relationships can often be complicated. Whether it is signing a contract or a dismissal, our lawyers have the necessary skills to navigate these potentially sensitive situations.  

We assist employers in understanding the law applicable to governing their employment relationships, including the drafting and negotiation of employment contracts and severance packages and employee rights on dismissal. Our lawyers also advise employers as they prepare employee policies, and offer guidance on how to implement those policies, and what to do if problems arise.

Likewise we have vast experience in assisting our employee clients to know and understand their rights and to guide them, both through negotiation and use of the court process, to favorable resolutions.

Whether it is to assist in negotiating non-solicitation and non-competition agreements, reviewing employment contracts, litigating disputes surrounding severance or investigating discrimination at the workplace, we are fully equipped and able.

We also work with unionized employers and have expertise in a variety of labour issues, including union certification, negotiation procedures, and grievance arbitration and litigation related to collective agreements or the bargaining process.

We represent our clients before tribunals such as the Nova Scotia Labour Board, the Human Rights Commission and other arbitration boards.